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Asha Patel Accessories Succeed in Stylishly Promoting Positive Energy

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Asha Patel accessories


Talks of positive energy are everywhere these days and it’s really such a great direction for so many people to direct their lives towards. Feeling great and sending out positive energy is beneficial for every area of life and it drastically improves the quality of life. The accessories label, Asha Patel, is doing their part to promote the importance of positive energy with bracelets, necklaces and rings that are specifically-designed to promote positive energy and good fortune. The designer sent me a bracelet of my choosing with the request that I choose something with a meaning I hold dear and true to me (pictured).

Each Asha Patel accessory comes with a small booklet giving the intentions of the various stones and designs. For example, the pearl means motherly love and simplicity whereas the smoky quartz changes negative energy into positive energy. The shapes of designs also have meanings and symbolism such as the elephant with wealth and luck.

Asha Patel accessories make great gifts because they’re so meaningful. Shoppers can enjoy selecting the right symbolism for good friends or family to wear them regularly for great energy. Numerology necklaces are also available which are even more personalized as they are based on each individual’s day of birth.

My Pick: Three Lotus Petal Swarovski Wrap Bracelet in Steel

I chose the Three Lotus Petal Swarovski Wrap Bracelet in Steel. It features a versatile color making it easy to wear with most ensembles and just about every day. The wrap design is fun and makes it a good pick for layering bracelets including other wrap style bracelets. This bracelet stands for divine beauty and spiritual awakening. It also symbolizes surviving and rising above difficult times which really hits home with me on a personal level.