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Ascendancy Rises With the Release of "Pinnacle of Creation"

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New album "Pinnacle of Creation"


Ascendancy, a heavy metal band, has just dropped their debut album "Pinnacle of Creation". After listening to the album, I would like to tell you why this is a must have for any true metal fan. I had the chance to see this band a few years back. Since then, they have made some line up changes, as most bands do. The current members are vocalist Gustavo Trujillo, guitarist Garrett Bower, guitarist Ian McLaren, bassist Jimmy Durish, and drummer Brodee McLaren. I know I just said it, but I will say it again. This album is a MUST HAVE.

“Darkest Horizon”, the single off of “Pinnacle of Creation”, has hit hard and heavy and has made made a huge impact. So much so, that it has been nominated to be part of The History Of Metal's top song list countdown for 2014. Now that is saying something when a single off your album makes that much noise when it hits. I took a peek at the lyric video they have for this song on their site and at the end of the song, my only thought was epic.

“Absolution”. I can say that when I first played it, it became a favorite of mine. Here is how it went down. I was in a cafe in Riverside and knew I needed to write this review. I popped on the music, stuck in my ear buds and BAM! I was ready to do the wall of death and start a pit then and there. Just when I thought it could not get any better, the double bass came on and made a fast song even harder. It was a metal eargasm that infiltrated my ears and thrashed my brains.

In short, I enjoyed this album from start to finish. I give it 2 horns up out of 2 and urge you to get it now. But if you do not want to take my word for it, check out the single “Darkest Horizon” and I know that once you hear it, you will get your album.