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Art Schools of the South Part C01: Barry University

By Angi Curreri
via Barry University

Southern Art Schools


Academies of higher learning play a special role in art and art history. Universities teach new artists how to create and act as an important authority to the general public. While this authority is not universally accepted, the footprint is measurable even in cases of protest.

C01: Barry University
11300 Northeast 2nd Avenue,
Miami, FL 33161
(305) 899-3000

“Experiences and interactions with other people, which are founded upon the extreme positive or negative attributes of humankind, often serve as catalysts for his visual expression of life.” -Stephen Althouse, artist featured in Barry's Andy Gato Gallery

This is a Catholic University located in Miami.An emphasis on photography is seen in their gallery artists. Their Graphic Design programs a practicum option and there is also two technology centered non-major courses, "The Art of Web Design." Both a BFA and BA as a minor is offered at Barry University’s Fine Arts Department. Specializations include: Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Graphic Design, and Art History. Full course descriptions can be seen here.

The Andy Gato Gallery, dedicated in 2008 in a former cafeteria is considered a state of the art gallery and lecture space. The recent list of artists featured in the gallery are mostly photographers, but come from diverse stylistic backgrounds. Stephen Althouse a photographer who also studied sculpture. His photography of sculptural objects are digitally altered giving his work a flowing relationship between the media or sculpture, film, and digital technology. The finished product is something that feels timeless, like an archaeological discovery. He is a Fulbright Fellow and exhibits work internationally.

Silvia Lizama, born in Havana, Cuba offers a regional connection to her University department. Her black and white photography focuses on local landscapes, effected by nature and construction.

Angi Curreri produces both drawings and ceramics. A whimsical yet refined pattern of assemblage is present in both media. The scale of her work suggests an intimacy, yet the dense imagery insinuates a narrative.

Scott Weber follows in the footsteps of Ansel Adams and uses expert techniques to provide richly detailed photographs. His work is a cool, articulate document of of his subjects and locations.

Sara C. Rytteke makes provocative cultural critiques using the medium of photography. Fashion, self portraiture, and industrial design are all at play in her work. Rytteke is special in the Barry Art Departement for her theatrical style and dialogue with print media.

Tracie Heller's black and white photography flirts with abstraction both directly and indirectly. Her concept is highlighted by ambiguous subjects. The process of photography as well as image making is Heller's concern.

Curreri is also a faculty member she received her MFA's from the University of Kansas. Other staff MFAs were gathered from the following schools: The University of Michigan, Florida Atlantic University, University of Miami, University of Wyoming, Florida State University, and Florida International University.

The location of campus, in Miami, is either a perk or a issue depending on your housing situation. Some students have criticized crime on campus. Likewise, there is a strong regional flavor with most faculty members having studied in Florida. This homogeneity is either a plus or minus depending on your taste.

For application information please refer to their website: here.

The methodology for selection involves the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) current assessments. These assessments include a school’s highest degree offered. In most cases this list values schools which offer Master's Degrees in field of Studio Art, but in some special cases those who offer only Bachelor's Degrees are also mentioned. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCAHLC) is referenced in the unique case of Arkansas, which for our purposes is included in this list of Southern schools.

State Key:
a: Alabama b: Arkansas c: Florida d: Georgia e: Kentucky f: Louisana g: Mississippi h: North Carolina i: South Carolina j: Tennessee k: Texas l: Virginia m: West Virginia


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