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Art Imitates History at The High Museum’s Latest Exhibition

Roy Lichtenstein’s playful piece “Girl With Ball.”
courtesy of Woodruff Arts Center

Fast Forward Modern Moments 1913 >> 2013


Atlanta’s High Museum of Art latest exhibition: Fast Forward: Modern Moments 1913 >> 2013 features 164 works spanning the most influential and poignant years for the world and the art world.

The exhibition timeline begins before World War 1, breadlines and the Cuban Missile Crisis. It’s these events that transformed the view of these 105 featured artists.

In the first part of the exhibition a solitary bicycle wheel by Marcel Duchamp is a quiet piece that will leave your head spinning. Hanging nearby in the same room is “The Conquest” by Roger De La Fresnaye- a painting influenced by the Ford Motor Company’s greatest contribution to the industrial era: the assembly line.

Also adorning the museum’s walls are some earlier works of Picasso including the 1913 painting “Glass, Guitar, and Bottle” and “Card Player”-both are spellbinding.

In the next room Boccioni’s famous gold sculpture “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space” is even more spectacular in person. One personal favorite work was Rene Magritte’s The Palace of Curtains III with its clean, contrasting colors that made the masterpiece as crisp as a fall day.

The exhibition’s highlight: Roy Lichtenstein’s “Girl With Ball" is just as playful in person. The art begins to immediately shift and its the works from the 80s that tells the story of when AIDS first took its many victims too young.

It’s hard to miss Jeff Koon’s “Pink Panther” porcelain statue, standing in the center of the room just waiting to be noticed.

Other famous artists on display include: Andy Warhol, Georgia O’ Keefe and Salvador Dali. Fast Forward Modern Moments 1913 >> 2013 will be at the High Museum now through January 20, 2013. To purchase tickets or to learn more visit


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