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Art Expo New York 2014


Art Expo New York 2014


Imagine traveling around the world for the weekend and visiting some of the finest art galleries.That fantasy can become a reality if you attend the annual Art Expo held in New York City.
For 35 years the New York Art Expo has continued to bring together gallery owners and art industry enthusiasts searching for new artists. The expo has earned the reputation of being the largest fine art marketplace in the world and is the choice venue for artists who want to meet like minded individuals and expose their work to the general art industry.

The New York Art Expo features original artwork including paintings, lithographs, glass art, mixed media, drawings, sculpture, innovative photography, ceramics, and giclees. This all inclusive exposition attracts architects, framers, interiors designers and art buyers looking for new ways to display artwork. The annual Art Expo was held at Pier 94 on Manhattan's West Side. The experience is stimulating for all art lovers and collectors . The following is a list of some of the outstanding participating artists.

1. Ferjo, Brazilian artist Fernando De Jesus Oliviera aka (Ferjo) B. is known as the Master of Perspective and Illusion. Ferjo is an Art Expo favorite and consistently draws a large crowd when exhibiting.

2. Oksana Tanasiv is a Ukrainian-American mixed media artist, known as the Artist of Fashion.

3. Subodh Maheshwari is an award winning symbolic painter from North India.

4. Marta Wiley is a internationally acclaimed multimedia artist who has created thousands of paintings and written hundreds of songs and celebrating her 20th year at the expo.

5. Jimba is from OyoOyo Ibadan , Nigeria he is known as the Master Thread Painter.

6. Arrachme is a visual artist located in Florida whose delicate work has been described as Romanticized Realism.

7. Tami Curtis is a Louisiana artist whose vibrant work reflects the flavor of the music and culture of New Orleans.

8. Julia Hacker is a prolific multitalented surreal mixed media artist.

9. Kristan Gambell is a well known creative NewYork abstract painter and installation artist.

10. Deborah Rhodes is a well known surrealist painter living in New York City.

11. Ekaterina Abramova is a 21st century post-expressionist and creates spiritual ornamental paintings drawn on symbolic folk art of various peoples, most notably on Russian and Indian mythology.

12. Nelson Mandela - the artwork of Nelson Mandela is available through Touch Galleries.

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