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'Around The Block' DVD Review

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Around The Block


It's Sydney, Australia and its 2004. Race riots are the talk of the day. The Redfern district riots were between Aboriginal and Non- Indigenous Australians or if you want white people. The Aborigine are still not happy with the European white taking over their country. The European white having the arrogance to think they are better than the Aborigine. It makes for an interesting movie so far.

Now a drama teacher from America by the name of Dino Chalmers (Christina Ricci) moves into the district to be with her fiance. She takes a job in the local school but it seems that it might be the school's last semester. Dino wants to bring an indigenous program into the school and she wants it to be Shakespearean.

The white community thinks this is a joke. You can't teach the "Blackers" anything let alone Shakespeare. Even the children don't think she can pull it off. The play is 'Hamlet' and there is one student who shines above all the rest. His name is Liam (Hunter Page-z Lochard) and he is an Aborigine.

Liam has a gifted actor. Unfortunately Liam's personal life is in turmoil. His father is in prison. His Uncle is dead and his older brother wants to kill the person responsible for the murder. The film has its good points and it does hit home with the racial overtones.

Random Media and Cinedigm are bringing us this DVD on August 5, 2014. The sounds and video are superb and the quality is excellent. This is a film that has the usual teacher out of her element that wants to change the world or at least make changes to her own part of it theme. Both Dino and Liam are trying to tackle some obstacles in their lives and they eventually are able to overcome and change the direction of their lives.