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Aronofsky brings a new vision to the story of the ark with ‘Noah’



The story of Noah’s ark is easily one of the most widely known stories of the Bible. It has expanded beyond just another standard Bible study, but one that serves as more of the ‘kids’ story to younger people as well as toys and merchandising to help them learn about it. There have been numerous takes on the story but nothing quite like director Darren Aronofsky’s film aptly titled Noah that features Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Nick Nolte and Frank Langella, but how far does it tread away from the story and does it deliver as a whole or will it sink to the bottom as the rest of the world is said to have done?

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Noah follows the story of a man chosen by the creator to undertake a momentous mission of rescue before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world all while struggling with his decisions as a father, husband and his faith to protect and do the right thing for humanity. Anytime you take on a story from the Bible the first issue you are going to run into are those that want to argue the “true story” aspect of it all. While there is a huge argument there depending on your beliefs that has nothing to do with this film. It is already being attacked by various religious outlets, but the misconception is that Aronofsky is mocking the story, but in reality he is just making a different interpretation of it. This film steers away from the direct “Bible” aspect and in more of a main stream direction with a bit of a sci-fi twist. For years filmmakers have taken iconic stories both religious based and not to bring their own re-telling of it and most miss the mark, but this one nails it right on the head. Obviously with the twist in the direction of the story it has a lot of differences, but in reality the original story is intact whether the religious want to admit it or not. Aronofsky took the time to try and explain every aspect of the story in this new version that in turn does in fact make some of the “real” story make a little more sense. Crowe gives one of his best performances in quite a while bringing a wide range of emotions to the role and makes the audience feels his struggle with every decision. The rest of the cast do a great job rounding it out, but as expected this is Crowe’s movie all the way. One of the sci-fi elements brought into the tale are the addition of Fallen Angels that assist with the build and fighting against those not worthy that at first might throw you with their monster rock appearance, but once they explain their origins helps to make it work even better. Of course if you are telling the story of the ark there is going to be the flood sequence and it is epic. The visuals of the flood coming during their fight against those that want on the ark is a visual treat that once again stays true to the idea and brings something new to the vision.

This may be based on a religious story, this is not a religious film. It keeps the essence of the story intact, but does bring new elements to enhance the idea. People need to see this for what it is a movie and stop acting like it is some sort of blasphemy. There is nothing here insulting to God or Christianity, but instead a different approach to telling the story and one that will most likely reach more mainstream audiences. If you want to go into this film ready to hate it for not being the “true” story then just skip it because it is not the story you have been told, but is a great film nonetheless.

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