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Aroma Corner serves unique boba drinks and other treats

Aroma Corner


With two locations in Jacksonville, Aroma Corner offers a unique twist on beverages, dessert, and lighter meal options. Michelle Wang, the café owner, hails from Taiwan and has operated it for over seven years. The Baymeadows location is nestled in an outside mall, and the café on the Southside lies between two distinguished campuses. With an extensive menu of teas, coffee, and smoothies, Aroma Corner serves beverages popular in Asia as well as traditional and even original ones.

Tea, smoothies, boba, oh my

Tea is the most popular drink in the world, second only to water. Choosing a tea is as fun as it is to drink. There are imported flavored teas, milk tea, tea latte, and Nai Gai, a new Taiwan tea served cold with a creamy, foamy top and a little salt. The immense selection includes green, black, and classic Taiwanese oolong teas. Flavors include assam black, caramel, coconut, chocolate, honey, lychee, mango, taro, and even wheat germ and several others.

Asian smoothies include Oreo & cream, pina colada, mango, red bean, strawberry, and other flavors which can be ordered in combinations of two. There are also slushies and traditional flavors of coffee-cold or hot-and frappes.

The coconut milk tea has a mild coconut taste and is sweet, a delight with boba. Boba, a treat invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, are black tapioca "pearls" that can be added to the bottom of beverages. A large straw lifts them to your mouth along with the drink of your choice. Aroma Corner makes each drink to order, and the friendly staff is ready to answer any questions about the menu. On Tapioca Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., there is a buy one drink, get 1/2 off another drink special.

Unique wraps, salads, and combos

Not only does this colorful café offer novel drinks: it also serves yummy food. Breakfast wraps are neat pastries filled with egg, cheese, bacon, ham, dried shredded pork, corn, or tuna. A Caffe Americano can be added to any wrap for less than a dollar. The wrap is a tasty, healthier breakfast choice than a greasy fast food item, and bagels are another great way to enjoy the first meal of the day. A sandwich, package of Aroma Corner cookies, and tea is only $6.95, and there is also a wrap combo for $7.95. Salads are on the menu, too.

Pretty sweet

What really catches the eye at Aroma Corner are the bakery desserts. These neat, pretty confections come in an array of traditional and original flavors. There is hazelnut mocha mousse cake, tiramisu, cream cheese mousse cake, passion fruit mousse cake, salted lemon cheesecake, brownies dusted with powdered sugar, and biscotti.

Aroma Corner's unique blends of beverages, healthy meal options, and delicious desserts offer great, unique tastes at an affordable price in a refreshing café setting.

5111 Baymeadows Road, Suite 12 at Old Kings Road

Jacksonville, FL

(904) 737-2622

11757 Beach Boulevard, Suite 9

Jacksonville, FL

(904) 998-3600

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