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Arnold's ongoing comeback

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As a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and watching all of his hit movies from when I was a child, I keep rooting for him to make a big comeback on the silver screen. But it hasn’t been much of a comeback at all for Arnie so far. Since his time ended as governor of California, he put his first 2 feature films out last year – The Last Stand and Escape Plan with his other aging action buddy Sylvester Stallone. Both fizzled at the box office. I don’t think his latest film is going to do very well either.

In Sabotage, he plays a guy named “Breacher” leading an elite task force of macho roughnecks who work for the DEA. The film opens with them robbing a huge amount of money from a drug cartel. But something goes wrong, and soon enough we see members of the task force getting killed one at a time. Breacher’s team needs to find out who’s doing this, but it also causes them to eventually stop trusting one another as it could be an inside job.

This is certainly one of the grittiest movies Schwarzenegger’s ever starred in. It’s bloodier and the violence is much more realistic than some of his more fictional films in the past. And that’s why the movie had real potential. Arnold could’ve even showed some more acting chops here than usual. But the film winds up being a bit uneven and eventually becomes less and less realistic as it goes on. There’s an overabundance of testosterone within the group which makes it feel a little like the silly Expendables movies at times which it really shouldn’t – and that testosterone even comes from the crazy female on the team too.

The movie has some decent scenes of Arnold playing a cool tough-guy as usual, but there winds up being nothing all too new here. And the revealing of who’s doing the killing after all is kind of a letdown that doesn’t come off too serious. The film kept my interest much of the time but it was a bit disappointing by the end. I’m still waiting for Schwarzenegger to make his proper comeback. I guess that’s why he’s signed on for another Terminator sequel. Sabotage opens this Friday, March 28.