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Army of the Dead (Zombie Attack #2) by Devan Sagliani

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Army of the Dead (Zombie Attack #2) by Devan Sagliani


Note: This review contains small spoilers from the previous book in the series. If you haven't read Rise of the Horde yet, you may want to hold off.

Readers may recall Devan Sagliani's young adult novel, Zombie Attack 1: 'Rise of the Horde' and its cast of teen characters fighting off zombies and despicable characters. Well have no fear, Sagliani's second book in the Zombie Attack series, 'Army of the Dead', is here. The players may be (relatively) the same but the game has certainly changed. Forced to once again leave his brother to play the leadership role for a community of survivors, the responsibility has matured Xander to the point where he can no longer identify with others his own age. Felicity and Xander have wed, and there's trouble in paradise when Felicity's old friend from Hollywood turns up. New dubious foes rear their ugly heads and Xander finds an unlikely ally in the mysterious and sexy Sonja.

With the development and progression of the main characters also comes a graduation in plot maturity. Don't fret, it's still appropriate for a young adult audience, but everything is just a bit more sinister. 'Army of the Dead' is bursting at the seams with treachery, misdirection, and teenage angst. It will engage readers and cause them to speculate about the intentions of some new characters. Are they good? Evil? And who the heck sent them?

Devan's books never take the lazy road of regurgitating the same content. Each new piece of work he delivers is a fresh perspective on the genre with imaginative characters and group dynamics. His stories are exciting, descriptive, and still allow enough to the imagination for readers to form their own predictions.


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