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Armin Only's return to Los Angeles

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Armin Only


Armin Only: Intense.. what could I possibly say about a renowned show that’s appeared in 12 arenas around the world and millions more have caught glimpses of on the internet? How do I even start to say something new about an event that every publication and blog hasn’t already said?

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I could write about the spectacular production with multilayered sets, LED screens, lights, sound, confetti and balloons. I could give you a play by play of Armin’s introduction that made the crowd go absolutely wild. I could tell you about the nostalgic trip through the Imagine album that pulled at the heartstrings of longtime fans, like myself. Or, I could even write about all the amazing performers from Eller van Buuren rocking the crowd with his guitar, to the vocalists from the Intense album, to the dancers and the acrobats. And with all of that, we’d have a pretty decent summary of what a great night Armin Only in Los Angeles was and will be on upcoming dates, but is that it?

Yes, all of those things were there, and they were all wonderful and executed beautifully, but you probably already knew, or at least expected it. But, what really makes this show special? I know it was special, the crowd felt it and I still feel it in my heart, but I also know that it wasn’t because of the yellow smiley balloons that came raining down during, “Ping Pong.”

I realized what this review should really be about is the real-life force behind all of that magic, and that force is none other than, Armin van Buuren.

Through all my years, I’ve always thought what made Armin van Buuren such a legend in electronic music wasn’t necessarily his studio productions or track selection or his white collared shirt and famous pose, but that it was his innate ability to command an audience unlike any other DJ. It’s that special gift that allows Armin to carry, and execute a show of this capacity, and he is probably the one and only DJ that can pull off this feat.

At an Armin Only show the experience is unlike anything else in electronic music, and the key to it is the 5-hour, extended journey with Armin. The length of this show is crucial because it allows for his masterful storytelling through music to shine. As the hours of the night go flying by fans continue to be further mesmerized by the music and show, and by the end, you have no account of where the time went. You are, however, left with this awe- inspiring feeling that you were part of something incredible, the realization that you'll never be able to adequately explain your night to anyone that wasn't there, and that you were in the presence of a DJ unlike any other.

So, while all of the other acts and fancy technology is great, they aren’t that special, or that unique. Having the chance to let your night be created by someone like Armin van Buuren, is why this show has become so celebrated by trance and electronic fans world wide, and why it's never to be missed.