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Amphibian Productions

Bank Job by John Kolvenbach


Bank Job by John Kolvenback

runs through March 2, 2014

Two brothers thought that one bank robbery was all they would need to be set. After all, with their father’s help they had all the plans in place to execute this perfect crime. Just as they were about to get away they hit a brick wall, literally. Their comedy of errors soon turns to family drama as they attempt to come up with a plan to get away.

One of the brothers is a doctor and he makes sure everyone knows this. The mastermind of this robbery is the father (Michael Muller) of the two brothers, who is an executive at the bank. Soon the police officer who was sent to the executive washroom in search of the robbers becomes a willing accomplice. He even takes the time to tell a story of his family life.

One of the bank tellers, Jill, played by Alexandra Lawrence, joins in the caper after she is caught in one of the stalls. She soon becomes enamored with one of the robbers, Russell (Leicester Landon) and tries to help them come up with a plan to finish the job. She sneaks up on the police officer, Dale (William Earl Ray) with a toilet paper holder, making him believe it is a gun. Sounds crazy, I know, but somehow it all works. This is a story of “everything is not always as it appears”. It is a zany comedy telling a story of dysfunctional families and relationships. There are several scenes that will have you laughing hysterically. Amphibian Productions hit another home run with this one!

Ticket prices:

$15.00 Students

$25.00 Seniors

$30.00 Adults

For more information or to make reservations call (817) 923-3012 or visit the Amphibian Productions website.

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