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Arizona Haunted Sites book review: Tucson’s Most Haunted

Take a look at some of Tucson's Most Haunted neighborhoods
Courtesy of Schiffer Books

Tucson's Most Haunted


Tucson, Arizona sits about 100 miles south of Phoenix and according to authors Katie Mullaly and J. Patrick Ohlde, some of “Tucson’s Most Haunted” (Schiffer Books 2009) spirits reside in the “Old Pueblo” and surrounding areas.

One of the most talked about Tucson ghost tale happened in the early 1900's. It was almost a daily topic in the local newspapers. Ghosts began to appear at old Fort Lowell and the surrounding neighborhoods. Learn what happened after the rock-throwing ghost showed up at the Fort over 100 years ago.

Have you ever wondered what became of all the bodies buried in the old Court Street Cemetery? The Court Street Cemetery existed between 1875 and 1909 and occupied much of the area that is now the historic Dunbar/Spring neighborhood. The cemetery was declared abandoned in 1916--with homes being built as early as 1914. The 6,000 graves of early Tucson residents were to be moved to the newer, modern Evergreen and Holy Hope Cemeteries, but only a small percentage of the marked graves made it to the new locations. Unmarked, unclaimed graves were buried beneath the foundations of homes and businesses. This neighborhood is known for spirit activity—and every once in a while an unclaimed coffin is discovered during landscaping improvements.

There are even claims of phantom voices and ghostly movie appearances at Old Tucson Studios. The spirit at Rosa’s Cantina is known to converse to visitors or touch their hair. The list of actors and actresses who have walked the dusty streets of Old Tucson is countless—perhaps they are not ready to ride out into the sunset just yet!

The paranormal investigative team, Wailing Bansidhe Investigations, invite you to come along and read about some of their favorite cases and give you a peek into the lives of the ghosts who co-exist with Tucson’s unsuspecting citizens. Order your copy of "Tucson's Most Haunted" from today!

Arizona Haunted Places Examiner: Debe Branning

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