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Arise and Get Going!

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Arise, the documentary by former Boisean, Lori Joyce and her daughter, Candice Orlando, is a life affirming, female centric examination of just a few of the countless actions taken by women all over the world to bring their communities back into alignment with natural values. From a community seed bank in India to a farmer's market in Denver, women all over the world are taking leadership roles in bringing their neighborhoods back into balance with mother earth. It weaves the very personal narratives of these pioneering women with beautiful footage, wonderful poetry, and lovely music. Some of the accomplishments of the women featured in the film are breathtaking. Majora Carter of Sustainable South Bronx advocated for Hunts Point Riverside Park. The transformation is mind boggling, but also reminds us of what determination and a righteous cause can do. Everyone is familiar with Winona LaDuke, but we see her here working on her jingle dress as she's being interviewed instead of behind a lectern making a speech. The passion of women like Beverly Grant of Mo Better Green Marketplace in Denver is palpable. She has tears in her eyes when she tells her story of inspiration and action that brought a Farmer's Market to a part of Denver that had seen better times. The women of the world are all taking part in changing things for the better. And these are just a few of the stories told in Arise. Stories that need to be told and emulated. If Arise doesn't inspire you, then you are uninspirable - a word I just made up. We all need inspiration from time to time and movies like Arise make it available. Groups can contact Idanha Films to arrange for a special screening of the movie.

In the Q and A after the screening in Boise, there was talk of this mother daughter film making team turning this film idea into a series of films. Wow, now I want to go out and plant a garden or at least one tomato plant.