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Arika Kane and Brian McKnight take the world 'There' with hot new single

Two musical powerhouses take the world 'THERE'
Two musical powerhouses take the world 'THERE'

IT'S THERE: the new single by Arika Kane featuring Brian McKnight


There's nothing like a song that showcases the true meaning of love, and recording artists Arika Kane and Brian McKnight have given the world just that kind of song with IT'S THERE.

Is there really any surprise? For the past few years Arika Kane has been making her mark through songs that have gotten to the heart and the soul of her fans. "Make It", a single that we've heard on the hit television show HOLLYWOOD EXES, definitely got our attention, and the new single with Brian McKnight is sure to keep our attention.

"Even when we're at the ledge we're standing here holding on," Arika sings. "I never knew I couldn't live without you. And after all we've been through there seems there nothing we can't survive. It's like we've moved on to another place and time..."

Brian adds: "I knew my whole life would change when I opened up that door, but I never knew I couldn't live without you. I can see so much clearer now, like I never could before. All the weight is lifted because you still believe in our love."

The two take turns sharing the chorus: "Every time I look into your eyes I can see my soul. It's like everything I need to know and everything I could ever want it's there."

At the end of the single Arika and Brian come together for this verse: "And baby if we only knew this whole time it was right there. I wouldn't take a moment back because we're unbreakable." Tell me this isn't the kind of song that will become a staple for weddings and that alone time with that special someone!

Remiscient of what Brian McKnight was able to create with Mariah Carey by joining her on "Whenever You Call", "It's There" is a song that celebrates love the importance of fighting for what you want."

Look for this new music by Arika Kane to be included on her third studio album. Get the single today on Amazon here.