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Ariana Grande breaks free on her forthcoming album 'My Everything'

Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande became a promising act as soon as her first single for her debut ‘Yours Truly’ hit the airwaves. ‘Yours Truly’ was a 50’s classic inspired album. While, her forthcoming album ‘My Everything’ is where a Nickelodeon starlet grows up in her sound as a strong woman. The album is a presentation of confident, sassy and intelligent statements of what Grande is all about. Grande has mastered making EDM up-tempo pop beats with her sassy vocals. Her smash hits ‘Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea)’ and ‘Break Free’ set the tone for what we are expecting of Grande and she doesn’t disappoint.

Ariana Grande attending the MTV VMAs on Sunday night
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

‘My Everything’ kicks off with a smooth a cappella intro taking her into a soft chorale. The softness doesn’t last long as the album goes into overdrive with ‘Problem.’ The starlet does not seem to have an issue with speaking out about boys who drive her crazy. This is clear throughout the entire LP with powerful tracks like, ‘Break Your Heart Right Back.’ This track gives Grande the kick of sass that she’s known for. The track alone is an empowered manifesto for young women everywhere who want to break hearts.

Even though Grande is known for her sass, she still has pop driven ballads such as, ‘Best Mistake (feat. Big Sean), and ‘Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” written by Harry Styles of One Direction. “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart’ is by far the weakest, and not what we would expect from Grande. It’s a masochistic track where Grande plays the victim. Harry Styles should take some songwriting classes to step up his game lyrically. The song as a whole should not belong on the record. Grande soon redeems herself with the throw down of the record ‘Bang Bang’ featuring UK singer Jessie J, and rapper, Nikki Minaj.

‘My Everything’ proves to be a more mature version of Grande who can only grow from here. She’s invading the airwaves, and the Itunes charts with her diva personality that shines through her music. Grande proves why this album is in fact her everything and she’s coming onto the scene full force. It’s too bad if you find her too Mariah-esque, because Grande is anything but and she’s not leaving anytime soon.

Highlights: One Last Time, Break Your Heart Right Back, Be My Baby, Bang Bang

Keep an eye out for tour dates, which Grande will be releasing at a later date. She loves Detroit and here’s hoping she’ll make an appearance.

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