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Argo Tea ChariTea - A Great Summer Drink

Argo Tea - ChariTEA


Summer is just around the corner, and so is the season for cold drinks. I very rarely put ice in my tea, but Argo's ChariTea is a great exception. This is a great herbal infusion of hibiscus, cherries, and vanilla that creates a very tart drink. At first sip, the drink seems too tart, but don't add sugar right away, it seems to mellow itself out. The aroma definitely comes from the cherries, however the cherry taste is overtaken by the hibiscus. Visually this is a very nice tea, upon steeping the dried fruits really open up in the water and create a very dark red liquid. I have had this drink both hot and cold, personally I prefer it hot, as it reminds me of a nice hot cider. Cold, this drink easily mixes with lemonade to create a fruity lemonade that is very refreshing on a nice hot day. Argo also donates a portion of each jar of ChariTea sold to a charity that they designate every month, this month they are donating to Sierra Club It may be purchased at any of their locations or at their online store.

Steeping recommendations:

To make this drink hot, I like to use 3 teaspoons for 16oz, using water just about at boiling, and leave it for 5-7 minutes. To make it cold, still use 3 teaspoons of tea, but only use 8oz, and mix with Lemonade (I personally like the Simply Lemonade).

Overall, this is a very tart drink that is versitile to mix, but great enough to drink alone. Pick up a jar of this herbal tea, and help support a charity!