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'24: Live Another Day' recap: '7:00 PM to 8:00 PM ' the reckoning hour

7PM to 8PM
7PM to 8PM

'24: Live Another Day'


Are you happy now Margot? That is the question. Here’s the answer. No, she isn’t happy. And that’s because her son Ian figured out President Heller is still alive. Now innocent people will have to be punished. The mistress of mayhem has destroyed all the drones but one and she’s determined to bring down more besides London’s Bridge. In the meantime, Jack is hovering over the Queen’s city piloting a helicopter, working with sidekick Chloe who is getting help from cyber-creep Adrian. Using modern technology, Chloe is able to locate Margot’s hideout.

Kate and Eric drive up to the building and they are immediately greeted with gunfire. Jack lands on the roof and he along with Kate, Eric and a team of CIA back-up fight their way through. Ian wants to bounce. The drone is already set to strike Waterloo Station so they don’t need to hang around and wait to be captured by Jack Bauer. Margot disagrees. She wants to see it through. Nothing like making things go boom to bring glee in this woman’s eyes. She pulls a gun on her son and orders him to stay. After Ian wimps out under her command, Margot tells her boy she loves him. That is one twisted sister. The family that kills together dies together is her motto apparently.

Lurking outside their window is super agent Jack Bauer. Ian spots Jack, shoots and misses. He then inches closer to the window. That was a mistake. Jack pulls Ian’s terroristic hide out the window and the lad makes a crash landing onto the concrete pavement below. Splat!

Naturally, Margot is upset. Of course it’s not clear whether she is upset about Jack killing her son or that she didn’t get the chance to do it. Nevertheless, she reaches for gun but gets grazed by a bullet sent from Jack instead. As people scramble to get out of harm’s way at Waterloo Station and Margot continues to yell out nonsense, Jack manages to divert the drone into the water and then tosses Margot out the window to join her son. RIP Margot. You were a delight but the family that kills together dies together.

Kate receives a dreaded phone call. Aww, Jordan is dead and lying next to the dead assassin. You’re next Navarro. Kate starts investigating Jordan’s death with the quickness and Jack is Johnny-on-the-spot with his help. He calls friends in high places to identify the assassin by his fingerprints. As for Navarro, well he’s as nervous as a cat in room full of rocking chairs.

The override box Adrian told Navarro to get is within his reach but out of his grasp. What is a doomed man supposed to do? He does what any desperate doomed man would do - dumb stuff. Navarro chokes the dude guarding the override, takes it and commences to leave. By the time Jack discovers Navarro is connected to the assassin, it’s too late. Chloe, who feels she’s done her civic duty for the day tells Jack is quitting time. She chooses to ride around with creepy Adrian. Check your friends Chloe. On second thought, maybe Chloe is smarter than she is letting on.

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