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Are keratin treatments really safe

Peter Coppola Keratin Concept


Do you have frizz that is uncontrollable? Have you ever thought about getting a keratin treatment but have been too scared to try one because of all the health risks? Peter Coppolla, original creator of Keratin Complex, has moved onto new technology with his newest baby, "Keratin Concept".

Straight frizz free hair does not come easy! Visit your salon professional today to find a keratin treatment right for you!
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The newest advancement in keratin treatments
Courtesy of Indulgence Salon

Most keratin treatments started into the industry with formaldehyde as its active ingredient. When we as professionals realized that our health was at risk our manufacturers realized they needed to make one that had fewer health risks, and then the formaldehyde-free keratin treatments were born! Only now professionals have realized that manufacturers were using aldehyde's (another form of formaldehyde). The aldehyde's allow the products performance to be the same but it allows the manufacturer to be able to claim they are "formaldehyde free"!

Peter Coppolla has brought the latest technology to the beauty industry and has started a brand-new "Keratin Revolution". While most keratin treatments work by coating the outside of the hair shaft, Peter Coppolla's works on the inside by repairing damage and on the outside by smoothing the cuticle layer down, helping to repair chemical and mechanical damage that can also cause frizz. Unlike most treatments this one actually is rinsed out of the hair the same day and is color ready! So no going home with tons of sticky product in your hair and waiting three days to wash it out! It does remove some curl and stylists have more control over how curly or straight you want it. Peter Copolla's Keratin Concept also is much more gentle on the hair so that the goal is to strengthen your hair from the inside out!