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'Arctic Wings' by L. Ron Hubbard

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Galaxy Press

Arctic Wings by L. Ron Hubbard


It has been a while since I had read a story by L. Ron Hubbard so I was happy when I stumbled across a couple review copies for his works. I think that Hubbard is an underappreciated science fiction author and I have always enjoyed his works. I was hoping for another good pulp story when I started “Arctic Wings.”

Spring had just arrived in the small town of White Bear Landing when Bob Dixon rolled into the isolated town. Dixon, as a member of the Mounted Police, is known for enforcing the law no matter the cost. He is not afraid to take the law into his own hands to ensure justice. He finds himself on the other side of the coin in White Bear when he is falsely accused of murder. His enemies are lining up for revenge and he must struggle to clear his name and save his life at the edge of the arctic tundra.

“Arctic Wings” is exactly what a pulp story should be. Hubbard keeps the story moving at a fast pace yet ensures that the reader is never left behind. This is an exciting story of adventure and action that kicks off with the first words of the story and never lets up until the end. It has everything that anyone could ask of a pulp adventure story and shows Hubbard at the top of his game when writing a thriller. Even though the story was written a long time ago, the action flows smoothly and the writing does not feel dated at all. I am happy that Galaxy Press is releasing these works again and would encourage anyone to pick up either this book or another in the series and see what you have been missing.

I would like to thank Galaxy Press and NetGalley for this review copy. “Arctic Wings” is available now.