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Archie Comics Afterlife with Archie # 4 review

Afterlife With Archie # 4


One of the longest running comics in the industry Archie kicked off in the late 30s early 40s and is still going strong today. While the series was always known for the trials and tribulations of these all-American teenagers, over the years they have done some creative things with them. The latest is bringing the world of the zombie into the mix with a darker tone in Afterlife with Archie, but does this series work or should it have been left buried?

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Archie Comics

In Afterlife with Archie # 4, with the full zombie apocalypse in full swing in Riverdale, USA Archie seems to be the world’s only hope but is he enough? Can he save his parents and those closest to him or will they all end up like Jughead? This is unlike any other Archie series to date with not only the dark tone, but the character designs. Here they have stepped away from the classic cartoon look to them all and have brought a more realistic vibe to the overall series while keeping just enough of the iconic nature to them so that they are recognizable. This issue doesn’t sport all that much dialogue, but instead allows Francesco Francavilla’s art tell the story. It brings some interesting twists to telling the story using his history with his dog to bridge the gap between the past and present to bring the emotional nature to the forefront. There is a really clever aspect to giving the dog a voice here without making it hokey, but instead packs an even bigger punch to the events that unfold.

There is an obvious pull no punches aspect to the violence here that is effective but never goes too far overboard. While it may surprise some this book continues to bring the worlds of Archie and zombies together like no one ever would have expected. If you are a fan of either or just one, be sure to check this series out you will be pleasantly surprised.

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