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Archer- Season One

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Season One of Archer


Alright guys, I finally did it!! It took me the better half of a week but I did it. I watched an entire season of an awesome T.V. show for your amusement. Don't ever say I don't work hard for the people I love. So anyways...

The first episode does a great job introducing the viewer to the characters in an impressively unique way. First, Archer (codenamed Duchess) is getting tortured while his mother watches (seriously), then he collects his dry cleaning and asks everyone to smell something, and they tell him off. Seriously, that’s how you meet everyone in the show. At least the ones that matter. Except the gay guy... and Krieger. You meet him in an HR meeting about why you shouldn’t rape other people’s food. From there it all spirals out of control into a world of flashbacks and jokes that make you feel bad about yourself for laughing at them. Shame on you.

The show is full of running jokes that span from episode to episode, sometimes season to season but we’ll get to those ones later. Some of them are obvious, such as “danger zone”, “phrasing”, and Carol…or Cheryl. It’s confusing. Some of them, however, are epically subtle, like the “Just the Tip” joke. That one gets me every time! These jokes carry an Arrested Development level of continuity and if you know what that means, that makes you awesome. For the rest of you, it just means you have to go through the whole thing again to really appreciate the comedy.

In addition to all of that, the best part of this season is that there are absolutely no lessons to be learned from anything, a point Archer references constantly; “You know, I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned here, but….ah s***, my rug!” A rug, by the way, that had been stolen by a supposedly dead hooker in the trunk. Yeah, that’s just the way they role in Archer’s part of town. And if I’m not mistaken, each season has a running theme in it, too. In this one, everyone everywhere is trying to infiltrate ISIS, from Russian KJB spies to some random black/Jewish guy. I didn’t even know they made those. Oh, ISIS is the place Archer works, owned and operated by his mother.

Another great thing about this season the time it takes for the characters to truly develop into their honest to goodness, disturbing selves. Pam goes from HR Rep to underground wrestler, Cheryl goes from secretary to baby crazy bones jumping sex addict named Crystal (like the champagne), and Cyril turns out to actually have a backbone. Believe it or not they still manage to make that disturbing. Remember that supposedly dead hooker?

So in conclusion, if you can get past the terribly offensive racist jokes, the nudity, sexual innuendos, sexual not-so-innuendos, and the painfully gross seduction by a hundred year old woman to every guy over 40, then you have got to see this show! I like to consider myself a man of high standards, so let it speak for itself that this is my favorite show on television right now. It’s funny, smart, and the end of every season leaves you excited to see what comes next. I give it five whole stars!!! All the stars for the first season of the best animation ever. So go home, sit back, flip on some Netflix, and we'll see you in a week!

Love the show? Hate the show? Hate me? Tell me about it in the comments down below!