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April loot

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Loot Crate's April 2014 Dragons crate


Woot for Loot!

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That's right, time to review April's Loot Crate package. This month's theme was dragons and I can't think of a better crate I've gotten to date. Sure there isn't a t-shirt in this one for me to show off to friends, but this crate is full of table top gamer goodies; dice, a snack, and some bling. I mean I don't think any of this stuff isn't going to get used by me. Even the figures are so cool i want to start doing a webcomic with them like the old Fuzzy Knights. I just need a few more to round out the party.

So check out all the cool gear in the slide show. If you are looking to become a looter yourself just head over to

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