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Applying ZMOT to the job search

"Winning the Zero Moment of Truth"
"Winning the Zero Moment of Truth"

Google's "Winning the Zero Moment of Truth"


At Nationwide, Digital Marketing managers are abuzz about Google’s “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth,” a free eBook available at They’ve dedicated workshops to it and challenged all of their employers to incorporate ZMOT in their marketing campaigns.

Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is the most important part of the marketing process, which also includes three other critical moments:

  • Stimulus (such as an advertisement)
  • Shelf (which involves the packaging and the salesperson)
  • Experience (once the product is taken home)

ZMOT, which occurs between the Stimulus and Shelf moments, consists of online research, social media networks, online reviews and Internet searches – and more and more it is done on laptops, eReaders and mobile phones. The reason ZMOT is so important is because it has more influence on consumers than the other critical moments, and most Americans use ZMOT before making a purchase.

One way ZMOT applies to the job search is that job seekers must learn about a company before applying for a position. And there are a number of tasks to complete before applying, such as creating a target list of companies.

You’ll also want to make sure recruiters and prospective employers can research you online. Do you have a completed profile on LinkedIn? Do you maintain a professional image on Twitter and Facebook? Do you have your own website? Do you have a professional video on You Tube? What about a criminal or financial blemish on your record? All of these things play an important role in marketing yourself.

And once you get an interview, you’ll benefit from knowing the importance ZMOT plays in the marketing of whatever goods or services your target company sells.