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App review: 'Smacky Cars' will fill your 'Flappy Bird' needs

Smacky Cars
Capedy llc.

Smacky Cars on iOS


Flappy Bird is returning to the App Store and Google Play in August, according to developer Dong Nguyen. In the meantime, people who weren’t fortunate enough to get the original game before it’s departure have been stuck with countless clones and rip-offs.

However, a game that isn’t so “flappy” is definitely a favorable substitute. Smacky Cars by Capedy llc. has a similar concept, and it’s just as fun and addictive as Flappy Bird.

The game doesn’t require much thought. Simply dodge oncoming traffic to the left or right. The mechanic is as easy to learn as Flappy Bird, but the game isn’t nearly as frustrating.

Part of Flappy Bird’s appeal is the difficulty, but Smacky Cars issues a different kind of challenge. Users are rewarded with medals after dodging 100 cars or more, and the pace of the vehicles flying your way varies.

Skilled gamers can set their sights on getting into the several-hundreds in Smacky Cars, and it’s sure to be just as satisfying as reaching the 200-tube threshold in Flappy Bird.

Also, old-school gamers will appreciate Smacky Cars as an homage to the original Grand Theft Auto titles for Playstation 1. Smacky Cars’ graphics are incredibly reminiscent of the games that kicked off arguably the most influential series in the history of the video game industry.

Overall, Smacky Cars is a simple, entertaining app that gives gamers the chance to die and respawn several times before they realize they’ve been playing for a long time. In a world of unimaginative Flappy Bird clones, Smacky Cars is a phenomenal spin on the “simpler-is-better” approach to mobile gaming.

— Grant’s high score in Smacky Cars is only 238. Can you beat him?

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