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App review: 'Basketball Kings'

Get buckets with Basketball Kings on iOS
Basketball Kings

Basketball Kings on iOS


The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and if any mobile gamers are looking to knock down some important shots like LeBron James or Damian Lillard, Basketball Kings for iPhone is worth downloading.

Take the court in this swipe-and-shoot basketball game and see how many jumpers you can make in different challenges.

The swiping motion used to take a shot feels very natural, and is somewhat reminiscent of actually shooting a basketball. Users will have success if their motion is consistently smooth and toward the basket. Also, shooters are rewarded with bonus points for "flawless shots" (hitting nothing but net) and stringing together consecutive made baskets.

Basketball Kings’ graphics are outstanding, and the banner ads during gameplay shouldn’t distract anybody. One minor turn-off is the full-screen ads that pop up after some rounds.

The best iOS games offer a variety of gameplay options, and Basketball Kings does not disappoint. In addition to an online mode where users compete against each other in real time, Basketball Kings has individual shooting challenges that will test players’ speed and precision.

Arcade: Players are allowed five missed shots and aren’t constricted by a time limit.

Single Ball: The name of the game is pretty self-explanatory. Miss one shot, and you lose.

Time Attack: Players have 60 seconds to make as many shots as possible.

Tournament: Reach a specific, cumulative point total as you go through 20-second rounds.

Overall, Basketball Kings is a great mobile game for basketball fans looking for a challenge and hoping to put up big numbers like their favorite NBA players.

— Side note: Grant’s high score in Basketball Kings’ Arcade mode is 780, and he’s pretty sure you can’t beat it. Ball don’t lie.

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