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Apex Natural Green Coffee Bean Supplement, does it work?

Apex Natural Green Coffee Bean Supplement


When it came to testing this item, this examiner received it as part of an advertorial from another site.

The testing was halted at 15 days and deemed not a good option for weight loss.

This examiner thinks there would be results possibly after 30 days as recommended.

As a nutritional supplement it would work, as it does curb cravings to a point. Taking it the recommended twice daily is all that could be stand by anyone.

Though this examiner saw a small weight loss, with the way this examiner's weight goes up and down, the results will vary person to person. Which is the greatest factor of all.

One of the things you need to remember, when using or testing any supplement is to increase your water intake, especially in the summer, when the heat is unforgiving.

The weight up and downs for this examiner went like this, for days 9-15:

Day 9's weight was - 233.8

Day 10's weight was - 232.2

Day 11's weight was - 235.0

Day 12's weight was - 232.5

Day 13's weight was- 235.8

Day 14's weight was- 236.8

Day 15's weight was- 236.8

As you can tell there was not much loss, but just because it did not work for me, does not mean it could not work for you, as stated earlier, results will vary person to person. (#ApexNatural)

If this is something that interest you just google Apex Natural and check them out today. Like was mentioned before I can not recommend this as a weight loss supplement, but possibly a nutritional supplement. (But honestly nutritional supplement is cutting it slim at that, the decision is up to the consumer strictly.Mind you this examiner is not trying to be mean, but this examiner is providing a bluntly honest accounting of her experience with the product mentioned. )

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