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Anupy Makes Ethnic Vegetarian Cooking Easy, Simple and Tasty (Photos)

Anupy Singla Indian Slow Cooker Cook Book


Have you been thinking about expanding your meal planning and introducing your family to some vegetarian or vegan dishes? Think no further and give Anupy Singla's The Indian Slow Cooker or her most recent, Vegan Indian Cooking a try. With a little planning and buying the right ingredients, you can throw everything into your slow cooker in the morning and have a tasty and satisfying meal for dinner by the end of the day.

These dishes can be made extra spicy or mild to suit your family's taste buds.
Anupy Singla from Indian as Apple Pie
Anupy's recipes are simple, tasty and satisfying
Brave New Pictures

After trying a few of the recipes for my own family here is what I loved about Anupy's recipes:

  • Simple ingredients. I bought an entire meal for under $5 and the meal lasted for 4 days and I froze some for later use.
  • Tasty. I like how I can control the amount of spice and heat for each recipe. I just added my own extra spice to my dish and it was a win-win for everyone.
  • Kid-friendly. Eating with beans is very kid friendly and toddlers love the ability to pick up little beans with their fingers to eat.
  • High in Protein. These meals are the ideal Meatless Monday meals as we forget how high in protein chick peas, lentils and other legumes are and how healthy they can be for our bodies.

I loved the fact I diced up everything I needed the night before and first thing in the morning, I threw it all into the slow cooker and did not have to think about what was for dinner that night. It allowed me some extra time to attend to other household items or work.

One of the things I did to each recipe is I added more vegetables such as frozen spinach, frozen peas, frozen green beans, diced carrots and cubed butternut squash. It was an excellent way to get my kids to eat more veggies, which any parent would agree is a good thing.

I have enjoyed cooking from both books and have yet to find a meal my children did not like. I love the fact I can easily introduce my family to a new ethnic dish and expose them to a culture that is close to my heritage.

About Anupy:

Anupy Singla is an award-winning journalist turned foodie turned author. Although reporting is Anupy’s first love and passion, she also comes from a family passionate about cooking. Born in India and raised outside of Philadelphia, Anupy grew up visiting her father’s childhood village in India. Her first cooking lesson was with her paternal grandfather who schooled her in traditional, spicy Punjabi-style cooking. It was this passion that convinced Anupy to leave daily reporting to teach her young girls how to appreciate and eat good Indian food – much as her mother had done for her through the years.

Head on over to Anupy's website, Indian As Apple Pie for more info on her cooking classes, book tours and her personal blog and on Facebook for live interactions and follow her on Twitter.


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