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Anti-Lost Bluetooth Speaker: Cute as a button with plenty of volume

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Anti-Lost Bluetooth Speaker


When I was offered the Anti-Lost Bluetooth Speaker for review I immediately liked the simple cube design and small size. When the box arrived and I got my first look at the actual product, I was stunned by the speaker's tiny size which was much smaller than expected but it's just the right size to accompany your smartphone and will travel unnoticed in your pocket or purse.

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In the Box
1 mini cube speaker, approx. 1.1" x 1.1" x 1.1"
1 lanyard string and a dummy audio plug to attach to cube to your phone for security.
Users Manual with instructions for using the speaker and a quickmark code to scan for the necessary app for Android. iOS is not supported at this time.

The little speaker cube charges via a microUSB cable which is not included. While charging a tiny red light will flash on the control panel on the top of the cube. When fully charged that light will shine solid red. Before you attempt to connect the speaker to Bluetooth on your phone, be aware that the connection process is not silent. When you press the power button on the cube it will play some musical notes followed by a voice that says "Hi, I'm ready, Waiting for a connection." A green light will flash on the cube. When a connection is made with your phone, another voice will say "Bluetooth Connected." I made the mistake of playing with this when my husband was sleeping and had to quickly shove the cube under a pillow to muffle the unexpected sound. When you hold the button down to power off the cube, the voice will say 'Power off.'

The sound quality is very good and the volume is amazing from something so small. The volume is easily adjusted using the audio controls on your phone or other device. The dummy plug can be inserted into the audio port on the device so you won't accidentally leave the tiny speaker behind somewhere. This is a very competent speaker in a tiny size. If that was all it was supposed to do, I would have given it a full 5 stars. Unfortunately this little guy has lofty goals and tries to do too much.

In addition to being a tiny Bluetooth speaker, it has a microphone included for use with your cell phone, and the multipurpose power button is intended to work with your camera app to snap pictures. That sounds great if you can get it to work.

I had no trouble pairing the speaker with my Leagoo Lead 1 quad core, dual sim smartphone (review coming soon). I placed a call to my sister while I was testing the speaker and could hear her clearly on the other end but she couldn't hear anything I was saying. I tried to disconnect the speaker but it wouldn't power off. I finally just turned the phone off and the speaker disconnected.

Then I decided to try the camera function but, although the manual mentions a special app for the extra features it doesn't mention where to download that app. I posted a request for help from other reviewers on Amazon as to where I could find the app but got no replies. I have to wonder how they got the thing to work if they couldn't answer my question. Finally, I noticed the last line on the last page of the manual said 'APK download quickmark code' along with one of those square code marks you frequently see in ads or on products.

I had never done this before but apparently one needs to scan that code with your phone to download the app from their website. Those who are also clueless about scanning with a phone can learn how to do it Here. A trip to the Play Store and the download of a scanner app for the phone was the first step. There are lots of free apps available. I just picked one and installed it. Scanning the code was simple enough after a bit of practice and the file was automatically downloaded to the Lead 1. Unfortunately all I got for my efforts was a message that said it couldn't read the file. I repeated the process several times with the same result and then I officially gave up

If all you need is a very small, portable speaker for your smartphone or other mobile device, this would fill the bill nicely and you will be delighted with the sound. Maybe you will have better luck with the extra features than I did. Also, the printed user's manual is in very tiny print that is difficult to read even with my glasses and a magnifying glass. It is written in choppy, poorly translated English that is at times confusing and hard to follow. The speaker does come nicely packaged in a small blue box with foam padding to protect the device in transit. The speaker is available in 5 fashion colors, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, or Pink. My review sample is the pink with white on the top which is an attractive combination.

Although the box calls it Anti-Lost Bluetooth Speaker, it's listed on Amazon as Mini Magical and Portable Multifunction Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It's made by DbPower. The product is sold by Bravolink with orders fulfilled by Amazon. It lists for only $12.89 with free shipping on orders over $35.