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Anti-Bullying prototype video, no simple prototype

Where Success Stories Begin Video by MAAB


Kyoshi Dave Kovar and the members of his Satori Academy have been busy working on building up a strong Anti-Bullying Training Platform for Martial Arts Instructors everywhere. Today marked the beginning of the next stage in the evolution of the effort to stop bullying in our schools. After opening up registration on his newest endeavor, Martial Artists Against Bullying (MAAB), the team began working to fill their new website with the materials badly needed by the martial arts community.

The Man behind MAAB
Kovar's Satori Academy

Today Kovar and his team posted an incredible "prototype" video to their Facebook Page. Martial arts instructors that have become a part of the worldwide team are now viewing and commenting on this first effort. The attached video is the first of a series of videos being designed and produced to help martial arts instructors teach the values and concepts that make bullying prevention training work. This video is being called a "prototype" by Kyoshi Kovar, a part of a series called "Where Success Stories Begin".

"Where Success Stories Begin is a series of short videos that teach children how to get on a path to success at school, at home and in life. This segment is about courage. It explains how courage isn't the absence of fear, but rather doing what you know is right even if you are afraid. The video shows and example in which a boy facing peer pressure uses courage to make the right decision." - Kovar on his YouTube Video Release

This first "prototype" video is quite excellent. It does an outstanding job of taking the concept of "courage" and explaining it in a way that kids will understand. The video also illustrates the real meaning of courage in terms that are meaningful to kids. It is exciting to see the martial arts community getting involved to this depth and producing materials that can, and will, make an impact in the fight against the damage being done by bullying. I look forward to seeing more of these videos as they are produced, this first one shouldn't be just a "prototype", it is ready to be the model that leads the way to a better, bully-free future for our children!