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Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza - Bohemia

Lunch Size Pizza. Thin. Crisp. Delish!
Lunch Size Pizza. Thin. Crisp. Delish!
Bob Heizman

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza


Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza is new to Bohemia. It occupies the spot previously home to Towers Diner right across from the entrance to MacArthur Airport on Vets Highway at the corner of Johnson Avenue.

I know, I know, not another pizza joint on Long Island! Well, there certainly are a lot of restaurants that serve pizza, especially in the Bohemia area, and they do make good pizza, but rest of the menu is standard. It's all sort of the same old thing in most pizzerias. Not much more than this parmigiana and that parmigiana.

Anthony's, thankfully is different. They use coal ovens. Most pizzerias on Long Island use gas ovens and some use wood ovens. Coal ovens provide a high (800 degrees), steady heat. It cooks the pizza in under 5 minutes and the char on the pizza crust is different than wood. It's not smoky, like you get with wood. You have to experience it to know what I mean.

They have a regular menu and a lunch menu. More good news, the lunch menu is available everyday, Monday through Sunday Their menu isn't large, not that that's a bad thing. I like small menus. It allows the restaurant to concentrate on making those few items the best that they can be and Anthony's delivers on that. And it isn't the same old thing (that's a good thing!).

One of the first things you may notice is that there is no pasta on the menu. NONE! It's all pizza, sandwiches, salads and, what Anthony's calls "Italian Soul Food".

Since it was my first time there, I wanted to sample a few dishes. We ordered a lunch size pizza (perfectly sized for one person for lunch), a salad, the chicken wings and I just had to try the ribs.

The pizza. Let's face it, if this wasn't good, the place might as well close. However, it was goooooooooood! We ordered it with kalamata olives. The crust was ultra thin and crispy. It held up very well under the sauce and olives. Anthony's says their pizza is "well done" meaning they make sure the pizza is cooked. It's the way I prefer my pizza and it's the way I cook it at home. They ensure it browns on the bottom. It gives the pizza great flavor. Anthony's easily delivers on their signature dish.

The salad. We ordered Anthony's Italian Lunch Salad. A nice mix of very fresh greens, thinly shaved celery, olives and hard boiled egg. The salad, as with most dishes, came with two pieces of focaccia, which was pretty tasty. Plain, but tasty. The dressing was reminiscent (in a good way) of Olive Garden's Italian dressing.

The chicken wings. I really like chicken wings. I like them all kinds of ways, but I especially like them charred, grilled, or fried up crispy on the outside with whatever you want to put on the outside. I just like wings. I really like Anthony's wings. They grill 'em and then present them with beautifully sweet caramelized onions. Me LIKEY! Nicely done and delish!

The ribs. As soon as I saw the Italian Soul Food section of the menu I was intrigued and when I saw "Pork Ribs with Vinegar Peppers" I knew I had to try them! I was not disappointed! These ribs are roasted in the coal oven with garlic, rosemary, white wine and spicy hot (but not too hot) peppers. Oh man, oh man were they good! I like heat, but it has to be flavorful and these ribs were just that. Packed full of flavor with a nice heat to it. The bite of the vinegar peppers was just the best.

Overall Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza was a great experience. The food and service were top notch and when we got the bill, it didn't make me cringe. Now, I have no problem spending money on a good dining experience, but at Anthony's you don't have to.

The one slight negative is that Anthony's is a small restaurant with limited parking. Although it was full when we got there (Sunday afternoon at about 1PM), we only waited about 5 minutes. Not bad. But, we weren't rushed out once we got seated, so that is also a very big positive with me. And it's a bit tight. Like Cliff's Elbow Room tight, if you know what I mean. There is a bar area where you can sit and wait.

If you want a new pizza experience try Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. You will like it. It's not your usual Long Island Pizzeria and to me that's a good thing!

If you are a bariatric patient, as I am, you have good choices here. Lunch is served until 3PM everyday, so you can order smaller portions and there are good protein choices. So, come out. You will enjoy your experience at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Bohemia.

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