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‘Ansible 15715’ is a terrifyingly brilliant tale

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Ansible 15715


How would you deal with the terror of being alone, truly alone? From the brilliant and dark mind of Stant Litore, author of “The Zombie Bible” series, comes a new gripping psychological science fiction thriller that will truly delve into your soul. A short story available at Amazon, “Ansible 15715” is an introspective experience rarely accomplished in a full-length novel, let alone a short story.

As one of the most fit and brilliant humans on Earth, Ansible 15715 is chosen for a secret project; to have her mind transferred into a humanoid creature on a distant planet. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the first to make contact with other life in our universe. What happens when she arrives is a horrifying trial of perseverance and sanity.

Delving into the depths of fear, Stant Litore truly weaves a spellbinding story that leaves the reader feeling vulnerable. It is impossible not to become drawn into the world that Stant created and understand the true meaning on isolation and terror.

The short story can be purchased for download now from