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Another year of jazz at Newark Museum

Newark Museum's Jazz in the Garden


It is another year of Jazz in the Garden at Newark Museum and the sweet sounds of guitars, trumpets, drums, and vocals meld together to provide some much needed soothing minutes amongst a bustling city on a breezy afternoon. Patrons get to bring their lunch and for an hour listen to jazz, blues, and maybe even some funk fused into the tunes. What a fabulous way to unwind, stimulate your mind, and socialize. Coworkers, summer campers, and spectators join together to simply listen (well and to chat of course). Any lover of jazz or music in general would jump at the opportunity to listen to some well-established artists in the field for a small fee.

For almost 50 years, Newark Museum has been providing a slice of musical heaven to city dwellers in the afternoon.  This year is no disappointment.
syreeta springer

The band featured last week was the Dave Stryker Quartet. They did a wonderful job of keeping the patrons engaged and bopping along to their jazzy tunes. The inclusion of a steel drum player was even more entertaining. From what it appears, Jazz in the Garden has grown. Before you had to bring your own chair, now friendly staff members hand you one. The outdoor environment is quaint and tranquil. You are sitting in the grass surrounded by trees with brown brick buildings providing a lovely architectural view. It takes you away for a moment in your day.

Today's featured band is the Claudio Roditi Brazilian Jazz Quartet. So hurry up and get out there. Show starts at 12:15pm. Just so you know the entrance fee is $3 for adults and $1 for children and museum members. In addition to a relaxing way to spend your lunchtime, there are tables set up with information about community affairs and organizations. Amongst all the things to do in Newark, Jazz in the Garden is one of those activities that you most definitely should take part in.