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Another "Smashing" Success with Smashburger!

Smashburger and the Smashburger Bluegrass Burger


Recently this examiner was able to try another regional burger from Smashburger while on a trip to Louisville, Kentucky at the end of this past April, while attending the UMW Assembly at the Kentucky International Convention Center in downtown Louisville.

This examiner has to say, if you have not tried Smashburger, find the nearest location to where you are, and get over there, and try the regional burger for that area.

Since we were in Kentucky , I had the chance to try the "Bluegrass Burger" and I have to say, this examiner was impressed with the quality and the flavor all around.

This burger had fried banana pepper rings, wild turkey bbq sauce, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, all on a fabulous egg bun. It was great, and with a side of fried pickles with their complimentary sauce that goes with them to enhance their flavor, it made for a filling meal with a large drink. This examiner's mother enjoyed a classic smash, she said it had good flavor, and was well constructed. (PS: you have to ask for the fried pickles, so you are in the know now, since you will not find them on the menu.)

(For this experience on the next to last day of the convention, the restaurant was definitely full with people who had tried it before or never tried it, and it was their first time. The staff was very patient, and understanding with as many as they had coming through for that small of a location.As with the other Smashburger I had the chance to do an article on earlier, I do like the fact that this location was streamlined, and the color palette once again was clean and sleek.You could not ask for any more of a clean and sleek location than this in downtown Louisville.)

Kudos to the staff and the management for doing a great job, and keeping it clean through so many customers. If you are ever in downtown Louisville on business or otherwise, stop in to the Smashburger off of fourth street, and pick you up a bluegrass burger and a side, and go have a picnic in the park for an hour. It is definitely worth it, you will not be disappointed.