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Another Me

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Another Me


It begins with understanding that there is a young teenage girl, Fay (Sophie Turner) who has had a happy nearly perfect life. That all comes to end one day when her dad experiences a calamity that renders him severely handicapped and on a fast track for early death.

What happens next is that Fay begins to experience a wide variety of strange and threatening experiences aggravated by an unending stream of deeply frightening dreams. A few signs are repeated throughout the movie including the scene of two playground swings. One swing is stationary and the other is swinging with no one visible on either swing. She also is steadily haunted by the sense that she is being followed.

Her life continues to unravel and she becomes increasingly upset and nervous. She learns that her mother is having an affair with her acting teacher. Later she gets even more rattled when her acting teacher while driving with her mother gets into a car crash that nearly kills her teacher while her mom walks away unscathed.

She becomes convinced that she is being haunted and taunted by a doppelganger but she can’t figure out who is doing this or why this is happening. At first she believes it to be another girl at her school who Fay believes is angry at her because she, Fay, got the lead role in a school play while the other girl was appointed understudy. That belief, however, is ultimately proven wrong and the mystery continues to build.

Desperate to distinguish herself from the doppelganger haunting her Fay cuts the top of her hand to create a distinguishing scar. But once the true doppelganger is revealed Fay’s efforts prove to be for naught.

The movie has merit and there is certainly a significant level of mystery along the way worthy of viewing. The film was shot and produced in the U.K. which does have a strong connection of our history and while we do speak essentially the same language to a significant degree there are both cultural and language difference that might to some extent account for the fact that I found the film less than totally riveting. Intellectually I eventually “got it” but it never captured my full imagination.

For one thing the ultimate premise was in my view just far too unbelievable and thus failed to draw me fully into the moment. For another there were just far too many little teasers along the way, things like various pieces of glass breaking in an identical pattern for no apparent reason or purpose. Maybe I just missed something but doesn’t the film maker have to share in the task at least to some degree in making his or her movie understood by the audience?

In any event “Another Me” has its moments and a measurable degree of entertainment value. If a mystery movie with a high degree of fantasy pleases you then you may well enjoy this film.