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Another "cool" idea for keeping your epinephrine cool.

Keep your epinephrine safe during ALL activitites
Keep your epinephrine safe during ALL activitites
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Chilly Pad


Worried about keeping your epinephrine cool? Check out our review on a variety of ideas available at Allergy Apparel™, a mom-owned business offering a wide selection of products for families with food allergies.

Allergy Apparel™ is always in search of helping other food allergy parents. They are also actively listening to their customers. A recent customer and food allergy mom, recommended Allergy Apparel™ sell Chilly Pad's. She found Chilly Pad's helpful in protecting her epinephrine from rising temperatures.

A resourceful food allergy Mom spoke and Allergy Apparel™ listened. Allergy Apparel™ is now carrying "Chilly Pads," and sent out a few to be reviewed by other food allergy parents. When food allergy mom, Sarah mentioned that her daughter plays baseball and has cheer practice outdoors, Allergy Apparel™ knew she could offer great feedback. Sarah was encouraged to share ALL feedback and was not paid for her review.

But before we share her review please know that it is important to keep your epinephrine at the proper temperature. Please check with your physician or pharmacist for information on temperatures and other characteristics of epinephrine. Please visit Mylan's site for information on storing your EpiPen® auto-injectors. Or Sanofi's site for information on storing your Auvi-Q epinephrine auto-injectors.

Sarah wrote...

My daughter and I were really excited to get the Chilly Pad in the mail. I have been looking for a way to keep her epi-pens protected in the summer and she thought the Chilly Pad was some sort of magic. When we first got it, we followed the directions and washed it in warm water, then set it aside while we waited for it to heat up outdoors. Our first opportunity to try it out came on a steamy day at her baseball game when it was still 84 degrees at 5:30 pm. We wet the Chilly Pad in water, wrung it out, then wrapped it around the epi-pens, which were in the fabric carrier we use. The Chilly Pad is a generous size, so it wrapped around the two pens several times. We slipped it into a bag and kept it in the shade during the game. When we got home about two hours later, we were excited to check out how it held up in the heat. We unwrapped the Chilly Pad and found the carrier and pens to be nice and cool- the carrier was cool to the touch and the pens inside were about room temperature- perfect! The carrier was a little damp from the pad, so the next time we used it, we just slipped the carrier into a quart-sized zipper bag and wrapped the Chilly Pad around that with the same end result of epi-pens at the perfect temperature.
We keep the Chilly Pad in the sturdy, reusable container it came in when we’re not using it. It has been with us to baseball games, outdoor play dates and a few parades and still looks brand new. If it starts to dry out while you are still out enjoying the summer temps, you can just re-wet it in warm or cool water (a drinking fountain or even your water bottle will work!) to keep things cool. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being extremely satisfied and 1 being extremely dissatisfied, we would rank this as a 5. I love that it is so easy to use and affordable! My mind is at ease knowing that it keeps the pens at the perfect temperature and we are keeping them effective and reliable.

Thank you for your review Sarah.

What do you use to keep your epinephrine safe from the outdoor elements? We would love to hear! Please share in the comment box below.