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Anne Bonnie #2

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Anne Bonnie #2


Anne Bonnie issue two continues the adventures of an orphan girl named Ariana, who was last seen taking control of an enchanted ghost ship called "The Crimson Dawn." Throughout this world, tall tales have been told about pirates, but none are as infamous as the ones about the legendary Anne Bonnie, and this story begins with just that. Children gather around to hear her adventures, and each time the stories are told, they seem to get better and better.

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Elsewhere, on the desert during a sandstorm, we see a boy on an impossible jorney, without water, trying to make it to sea. At the same time on the sea, Ariana's adventure continues where issue one left off, and The Crimson Dawn is under attack by another pirate ship. Five pages of battle scenes follow, and with sheer luck, Ariana and her new friend, a phoenix, make it to safety, or maybe the enchanted ship helped them out too. Since Ariana found gold on the ship, she decides to visit Sapphire Bay, a town known as "Paradise In the Desert," so she can go spend some money. As she docks, the masthead (who is somewhat living), notices a shadowy figure that she recognizes from the past.

Back at the desert, the boy that we saw earlier starts to fade away, but just as he's about to go down, he sees a bird, a phoenix. He realizes that he's getting close, so he follows the path of the phoenix, and when he looks over the cliff, he notices a beautiful, colorful town, so he heads on down.

The readers are introduced to the town of Sapphire Bay, err...more like an Elven Princess who happens to be visiting for business purposes, not for pleasure. She's very snotty to the mayor of the city, who happens to be escorting her into town. Foreshadowing the princess is Ariana, and she's at a vendor cart shopping for hats. Once she completes some of her shopping, the boy (from the desert) runs right into her cart, and Ariana checks to see if the boy is okay, but when she takes off his cloak, the villagers notice a mark on the boy's face. That mark represents that he's a runaway slave, and they want nothing to do with him. Despite the town people running away from the boy, and not wanting to get involved with him, Ariana decides to help and wants him to join her crew.

At that moment, it is revealed that the boy is the princess' slave, and she uses her scepter to "shock" the mark on the boy's face. Ariana doesn't like this, so she helps the boy out with the aid of her phoenix. They manage to escape and board The Crimson Dawn, and they introduce themselves to each other. The boy's name is Finn, and as he talks to Ariana, the princess shocks Finn from a distance, and Ariana isn't happy about this. Ariana shows just how "special" she is with her signature move, aimed at the princess from afar, and at issue's end, she is reunited with an old friend from the first issue.

This is another great issue from creator/writer/artist Tim Yates. This issue has the right amount of action scenes and we are introduced to some new characters as well. The moments where the action slows down are good also, the story has the right mix of humor and serious moments. The artwork and colors are just as good as the first issue (if not better), but the world has expanded so much more with issue two. Bottom line is, this is another great issue from Blue Juice Comics and Tim Yates. I give this issue a 4.5 out of 5 stars, fans of the first issue will enjoy this issue as well as new readers. Anne Bonnie #2 retails for $2.99, has 32 color pages, and is available now in print and on digital formats.