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Anne Bonnie #1

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Anne Bonnie #1


Anne Bonnie #1 is a book I stumbled upon when purchasing my weekly digital comics on Comixology, and I wasn't sure whether to purchase it or not, so I viewed the three page preview, and the artwork looked amazing. The summary states that it's "...a journey that will change the world forever." Sounded interesting to me, and pirate stories are so much fun to read, so I gave this book a shot, and it didn't disappoint.

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The story starts off with a pirate attack on the horizon, and far away we see a pirate named Ken telling our young heroine, Ariana, a story of Anne Bonnie. As she notices the pirate attacks, a voice calls out to Ken "Shen Kenoshi," and we get a first glimpse of Lord Firestorm. After having a few words, Lord Firestorm punches Ken, and afterwards, Ken decides that it's best for him to leave town, the Burning Keep, and Ariana wants to go with him. Because of the dangers, Ken tells Ariana to stay in the Burning Keep, where it'll be safe for a little girl like her. As a going away gift, Ken gives Ariana a copy of a key that he says he'll come back for. He tells Ariana that it's a key for "something lost," and she'll find out this secret one day, when she's older.

All grown up now, ten years to be exact, Ariana finds a pirate ship, deep below the Burning Keep, that has a glowing pink lock and chains, and she uses the copy of the key to unlock it. Being successful, the pirate ship is set free, and starts to move. At this time, giant monsters awaken from within the deep of the Burning Keep, and the pirate ship maneuvers its way around the monsters. Lord Firestorm wonders how the ship was set free, since he's the only one who has the key to unlock it. The monsters continue fighting, as the pirate ship maneuvers its way out into the open sea. Ariana celebrates her victory, and notices a treasure chest with gold in it, but the treasure chest slams shut, and Ariana realizes that the ship is haunted. Ariana notices a painting of a pirate woman, who looks a lot like...then she notices Lord Firestorm's image on an enchanted mirror. It's at this point that these two become mortal enemies.

The story concludes with a phoenix attacking Ariana, then she shoots it, then it rises from the ashes, and so on. Then some pirates notice the ship with Ariana on it, where the Captain thinks Ariana is Anne Bonnie. The story continues next month... For a first issue, this book was a lot of fun to read, and it has the right blend of action and humor. The artwork is amazing, and the colors make the panels pop, especially on a tablet with the brightness set just right. For a premiere issue, the characterization was enough for the readers to care about the cast, and hopefully this will continue with upcoming issues. I give Anne Bonnie a four out of five stars, and that's only because it's so hard to find that perfect book, but this one is so close. This is a must read, and to have thirty-one pages for $1.99 (digital format), that's a steal! Anne Bonnie #1 is created/written/illustrated by Tim Yates, co-written by Lelan Estes, and layout art by Tony Vassallo, published by Blue Juice Comics. Available at local comic shops and digital formats, pricing may vary, per comic shop locations.


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