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Anna Small’s timely and poignant Regency reboot

In the Arms of an Earl by Anna Small
cover art by Rae Monet, Inc. Designs, The Wild Rose Press

Regency Romance book


Tampa area romance author Anna Small’s latest historical romance, IN THE ARMS OF AN EARL is a sweet and sassy Regency based Romance. While visiting friends, Jane Brooke meets composer Fredrick Blakeney. His music stirs her soul but she’s shocked to find his secret: he’s lost his hand in the Napoleonic War. However, she doesn’t recoil in horror, as has been Fredrick’s experience with gently-bred young women like Jane. In fact, she does all she can to help him out. This fortitude wins Fredrick’s heart.

But Jane, she sees that he’s a earl’s son, a famous artist, and despite how much she loves his music, she can’t get away from this one simple fact: what is she? Just a farmer’s daughter. This worry sets in and sends her far away. Love will not be denied, however, and Fredrick follows and promises to wed her. Then his brother dies and he inherits everything, becoming the new Earl of Falconbury. What’s a farm girl to do? Will she believe the rumors that start cropping up in London society about Fredrick? Will they be able to make a working marriage?

I’d heard a little about this book before it hit publication so it was nice to see it fully formed. So, when I saw that The Wild Rose Press had released it, I couldn’t resist procuring a copy. I liked the little twists that Ms. Anna Small added to what could’ve been just another Regency romance novel, especially her not-so-usual wounded war hero, Fredrick! ;) And then, there was Jane’s father. I especially liked him. He reminded me of another classic romance father. *hinthint*

If you enjoy historical romance novels you might want to give IN THE ARMS OF AN EARL a try. It is available in paperback and ebook format from The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, and other ebook sellers—and look for a sequel to this novel coming soon!


**My review copy purchased at Amazon
I'd give this *4 1/2 stars, if I could.

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