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Anita Wilson concert review

Procedures followed, still denied access, told to pay to take  picture, denied the right to purchase a cd in order to take a picture.  Freedom of the press and the laws of America not honored at Living Word Christian Center, Forest Park, Illinois
Procedures followed, still denied access, told to pay to take picture, denied the right to purchase a cd in order to take a picture. Freedom of the press and the laws of America not honored at Living Word Christian Center, Forest Park, Illinois
Kathy Brocks screen shot of emails

CD Release Concert


Anita Wilson concert when you look at the performance alone it was ok. Nice music. Good praise. But the audience of around a couple hundred had no life. It was like they were forcing her to prove herself all over again. You know the grandma that always remembers when and only knows that note, that was the crowd. Its like they needed permission to have fun, to worship and enjoy the great music.

Anita WIlson-CD Release Concert Review

The crowd seemed to pep-up when they heard the funky music from a 1977 song by the Emotions called "Best of my love". Overall, if given a chance Anita Wilson could definitely soar and bring joy to millions with her voice. Now as for the venue, OMG, oh my goodness, what was really going on here is beyond reason or understanding. I was told I needed permission by the church to take pictures.

Well, first I was told only professionals could take pictures of any artist performing in the church within the sanctuary. Then I was told to take pictures I needed permission from the church. So, of course I called the church. I asked the operator for the media department or department handling the Anita Wilson CD Release Concert that gives permission to the media, free press to take photos. I was transferred to Dr. Linda Morgan. Dr. Morgan said it is up to the artist and the artist manager to invite the press. So, since I was already speaking with the artist manager, Roland Jack about a radio interview I emailed him and relayed the information Dr. Morgan gave me. I was told ok I could take pictures but they wanted to view the pictures prior to posting and do not get in the way of fans. I had no problem with that because its one picture and any input is appreciated and I can take long distance shots.

So, I drive all the way to the event and immediately I am stalked by the ushers because I walked the door. No bags in hand cause I wanted to see where everything was set up. Nothing was set up. I listened to the concert and then went into the gallery area where I saw a man named Bernard who was setting up the lines for CD purchase and signings by fans. Now, in my mind everything is cool cause I got permission from the artist manager.

I start to set up but who comes but the Executive Usher/Pastor Security staff , two men. I tell him I have permission to be here as the media taking pictures. I said I followed your rules and got permission. Then the Executive Usher/Security tells me the artist nor the artist manager can give you permission to take photos within the church or the people in the church. I tell the Executive Usher/Pastor Security that Dr. Morgan told me to get permission from the artist, artist management.

Then I was floored with what was stated to me next. The Executive Usher/Security said, Dr Morgan does not have the authority to give permission or direct me to the artist. I asked, if Dr. Morgan was aware of this rule and was told that yes Dr. Morgan is aware she has not authority to grant permission or to direct me to ask the artist or the artist manager for permission to take photos at a public event to give free press for the artist.

What happens next is ridiculous. They call the police. I am told that if I take any pictures I will be asked to leave. I am told no one is allowed to take pictures. I persisted and was then told, I needed to have the email with the permission printed out and not on my cell phone, which I did not get to show them but told the Executive Usher/Pastor Security and the police I had the permission on my cell phone email.

Then I see fans taking photos with the artist and ask the female officer why are they allowed to take photos and the press is not. The officer says, the artist does not want you here. I said, but the artist gave me permission. We just went back and forth cause I just was not understanding what all the lies were about. So, I ask the Executive Usher/Pastor Security detail and am told, I must purchase a CD and then ask the artist if I can take a photo. They asked if I was going to buy a CD. I said no, I am the press. That's like paying for a story. They would not let up so, I figured I have few dollars in my pocket I will just but the CD. Then I am told I can not purchase the CD. I ask why and am told cause you said you was not going to buy it. Then I tell, no I am going to buy the CD. They would not let me buy the CD. I am then escorted out by the Executive Usher/Pastor Security and a female police officer in uniform wearing a white sweater so as not to be noticeable to the fans and a police officer in plain clothes.

Now, I do not know what the freak is going on with them, but the manner in which I was treated is so dishonorable. I followed what I was instructed to do by their employees. Then I asked so, how do I get a meeting with the Pastor to get this cleared up. I told to call the same number I called and I would be directed to the correct person. I told the Executive Usher/Pastor Security that is what I did and got permission which you now say is no good. So, what if I ask for an interview will I be accused of stalking or trespassing cause an employee was not authorized to give me permission or direct me to the right people. Why the church has to be so complicated is beyond understanding. Its as if women can only move or progress when the men say so. Antiquated and not right at all. I see why women do not like to submit, cause when they do they only get lied to over and over again. I had actually hoped to give a positive report on the church and the overall event.

I am not sure if they are trying to get more press by totaling disrespecting me knowing that I will write about it or what. It is just very unprofessional. Shouldn't your yes be yes and your no no. Why tell untruths, why give me the run around? Its crazy cause I told all the police officer(s) and the security and executive ushers I would report what occurred. Then Executive Usher/ Pastor Security detail gave his name and then when I asked him to repeat it he refused. I asked him what's the big secret and he refused to answer. I asked what was the big secret I am a member of the church and was told to leave and escorted out by the police and the Executive Usher/Pastor Security cause I had been there too long. I waiting to see if something was going to change and I be allowed to take the picture as I was told I could do so. But nope. I was told I was disturbing the event by asking questions. This is what happened at this event, Anita Wilson CD Release Concert at Living Word Christian Center, LWCC.

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