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Anime, Gaming, Cosplay and more at San Japan 2014

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This was the year I finally made the trek to San Antonio's only Anime Convention, San Japan. This was the 7th annual event for the Summertime convention, one of the largest in Texas. In addition to showcasing Japanese Animation, the event also boasts large vendor rooms, cosplay contests, gaming tournaments, and an artists alley.

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After being a part of Houston conventions, attending Dallas conventions like Project A-Kon and AnimeFest, and Austin's Ikkicon, this was my first time checking out the scene in San Antonio. The San Antonio convention center was in the middle of Downtown, and right next to the famed Riverwalk. The event seemed to take up quite a bit of the hall space. The vendor room, artist alley, gaming rooms, and LARP were located together in two of the massive halls, which is also where I spent most of my time.

San Japan boasted numbers of close to 12,000 at the event. As usual, the vendors carried an expansive selection of games, toys and other products for the attendees to pick up. I found myself a cool like Dragonball Z power scouter. There were a lot of figures as well, but I had recently purchased a lot online and wasn't looking for anything in particular at this event. Cosplay was of course all around the convention. I've highlighted some of my favorites in the slideshow. I even participated in the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament, it was not memorable. All in all, the event was a nice sized convention with everything you would expect.