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'Angel of The Skies (2013)' Movie Review: For king and country

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Angel of The Skies (2013)


It's September 1944, the war in Europe is carrying on with the Allies making their way to Germany. The Allies are fighting their way through France and are coming under conditions of desperation by the Germans.

Captain Earl Kirk (Nicholas Van Der Bijl) has been fighting several years for the British. He is of course a South African and is looked down upon a new for not being totally British.

A young replacement by the name of Lt. Raymond Hawkins (Andre Frauenstein) has the cheek to question the authority of Captain Kirk. The crew are celebrating the night before a mission and Kirk has just left the new replacement. He is a little rattled by the young Lieutenant. Kirk is wanting to propose to his girlfriend Deborah (Lillie Claire) but she is not having it at this time.

The next morning the crew are ready to go and their mission in Bremen to destroy some fuel dumps. These dumps are crucial for they are refueling the Panzer's in France with little problem. The crew, Flight Officer Ed O'Donnel (Brad Backhouse), Flight Officer Harry 'Abe' Facey (Jason Glanville), Flight Sgt. Robertson (Adam Boys), and Flight Sgt. Don McEvoy (Ryan Dittman) are practicing a good luck charm of pissing on the wheel.

The mission is unusually normal until they head over France and enter German Air Space. The sky is covered in Flack from the German guns below. The plane is hit by a fighter plane and is only able to make it to Bremen. They will have to either bail out or crash land.

Now Kirk has had to deal with the plane, the new replacement, and now he has to land behind enemy lines. Will they make it back to the Allies? You will have to watch the movie to see the ending.

The film is excellent and is one of the better WWII movies I have seen as of late. Director Christopher-Lee dos Santos has put together a wonderful movie and I look forward to the next movie he puts together.

The DVD itself is excellent. The sound was beautiful and the scenes were beautifully done. This is a must see film and I hope you will take the time to pick it up. Enjoy.