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And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

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And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie


And Then There Were None is possibly the crowning jewel in Agatha Christie's career as an author. First published as a serial in the Saturday Evening Post in 1939, And Then There Were None introduced the world to ten strangers, all accused of murder, trapped on a deserted island, being picked off one by one in accordance to a nursery rhyme. Since then, it has been published in fifty different language and has been a worldwide favorite novel.

With a shocking ending that will keep everyone guessing until the last few pages, And Then There Were None is hands down one of the best mystery novels that this reviewer has ever read. Agatha Christie proves with this title why she is a master of the mystery genre. And to think that she wrote this specifically because she was told that it would be too difficult to write a story with so many characters and tying it up in a neat little package. Somehow, she managed to accomplish this with gusto.

The plot and storyline are enthralling, the characters emotionally evoking, and the setting perfect for what one looks for when reading of crimes of vengeance and murder. Each detail was mapped out perfectly and there are no errors whatsoever in the backstories of the characters, the island itself, and the plot.

This is a true work of genius and a quintessential read for mystery lovers as well as fans of classic literature. And Then There Were None will certainly keep the reader on their toes and maintain a high level of suspense from start to finish.

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