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'And So It Goes' but you wish it didn't (movie review)

And So It Goes movie poster
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And So It Goes


In 1995 Rob Reiner and Michael Douglas teamed up to make "The American President." It was one of the most popular movies of that year and, rightfully so, as it was funny, entertaining and told a great story. The two are re-teaming for "And So It Goes" and Diane Keaton co-stars. On paper this appears to be a real dream team, but in a summer season of disappointments, this movie ends up being one of the top ones on that unfortunate list.

Not many people, especially the tenants of a duplex house he owns, like widower Oren Little (Douglas). That has always been okay with him. His estranged son is going to jail and Little finds himself having to take care of a granddaughter he only recently learned existed. Can living with this little girl, along with the help of one of his neighbors, Leah (Keaton) teach Oren to open up and love again?

What do you think? Can you not predict everything that is going to happen? "And So It Goes" is a paint by numbers movie with absolutely no surprises at all. We often know how a romantic comedy is going to play out, but at least, in many of those cases, we enjoy taking the journey with the characters involved. That is not the case here.

As stated earlier, you would think a movie starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton (This marks the first time they have worked together.) and directed by Rob Reiner, would be a fantastic recipe for a successful movie, but "And So It Goes" has to count as a low moment for them all. Maybe because the story is uninspired, but on the other hand no real effort appears to have been made by any of them. The performances by Douglas and Keaton probably could have been done in their sleep and if Rob Reiner was making movies like this at the beginning of his directing career, it is doubtful he would have been making one today. The one shining light in the whole movie belongs to Sterling Jerins, who plays the granddaughter in the movie.

Movies today are often about what hot young stars are featured in them. Movies where the senior generation of actors are the stars are becoming more and more rare. There are still some pretty good ones getting made, such as "Last Vegas." However, if movies like "And So It Goes" keep being produced, then movies of this kind may soon become extinct. It is rated PG-13 for some sexual references and drug elements.