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Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade

Anastasia dipbrow pomade packaging
Anastasia dipbrow pomade packagingself taken

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade


Eyebrows are all the rage now. About a decade ago thin and meticulously arched brows were in vogue. Now in 2014 bold thick eyebrows are in. Some of us are still recovering from the overly tweezed days. It takes time and dedication to grow healthy looking thick eyebrows. Luckily there are products to assist us in this transition. Anastasia of Beverly Hills has an array of products designed for your brows.

Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade is waterproof brow tint for filling in sparse areas. Also ideal for sculpting, defining, and carving precise brows that won't fade, according to the label. At only 18 dollars it is quite a value. The product comes in a small jar, and it's consistency is similar to gel eyeliner. This review is specifically for the chocolate color --but there are 5 color options including: blonde, auburn, chocolate, dark brown and ebony. With this product, a little goes a long way. To avoid brows that look like they were drawn on with a Sharpie, only use a small amount at the origin of your brow and spread it throughout. Even if your hair is jet black, try to go a shade or two lighter if you know you are heavy handed.

The Pomade gives your eye brows a natural tint. The solution adheres to hair like hair gel and it doesn't smudge. Compared to other methods for filing in brows it is the best and easiest for new brow artists. It can be purchased at Sephora. For more information visit Anastasia of Beverly Hills website.