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An Unspeakable Mission by Judith Campbell

An Olympia Brown Mystery!
An Olympia Brown Mystery!
Cover Designer: Patricia L. Foltz, Kit.

An Unspeakable Mision by Judith Campbell


An Unspeakable Mission is the second installment in the Olympia Brown Mystery series by the Reverend Judith Campbell and it is, without a doubt, as magnetizing as the first. Once again, set in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Campbell weaves a compelling story that touches upon the dark subjects of domestic violence and incest. Infused with a good old fashioned whodunit, she leaves the reader guessing from beginning to end. Unspeakable follows closely on the heels of its’ predecessor, A Deadly Mission and features the lovable and nurturing Reverend Doctor Olympia Brown, her best friend and confidant Father Jim Sawicki, love interest Frederick Watson and, of course, her ever present house ghost Ms. Winslow.

In An Unspeakable Mission, the O’Mara family appears to be a traditional Irish Catholic family who attend church regularly and are well respected in the community. But behind closed doors live a very private family and their very personal and tragic secrets. Young Bridget attends Meriwether College and, one night after being raped, seeks out the help of her trusted professor Olympia Brown. The more Olympia learns about Bridget O’Mara, the more horrifying the facts become. Throughout all of this drama, Olympia and Father Jim must try to convince the youngest O’Mara that the past is not her fault while attempting to save her from the horrible guilt she feels and the hatred she possesses for her father Terry.

The draw to this series is the well thought out, colorful and intelligent cast of repeating characters coupled with the thoughtfulness of her content. Two underlying sub-plots keep the story grounded: Olympia and her blossoming romance with Frederick; and her relationship with her nosy and very noisy houseguest, Leanna Faith Winslow.

An Unspeakable Mission is published by Mainly Murder Press and was released in June, 2011. You can purchase it at Mainly Murder Press, Amazon (in print and Kindle editions), Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and at local bookstores across the country. Campbell is hard at work on installments three and four of the series and no release dates have yet been scheduled.

Judith Campbell divides her time between the island of Martha’s Vineyard and Plymouth, Massachusetts with her husband and Englishman, Chris Stokes. She is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, and author of several books and articles, including children’s stories, and poetry. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America. Campbell is an avid traveler and often presents writing retreats and spirituality workshops both nationally and internationally.

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