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An Underworld Frankenstein

A new dark underworld Frankenstein
A new dark underworld Frankenstein
The Wrap

I, Frankenstein


This is one Frankenstein that is more hunk than horror. The slightly scarred muscle-bound Frankenstein, Aaron Eckhart is easier on the eyes than most screen depictions of the horrific monster created by Mary Shelley’s character of the monster in Frankenstein. This film, I, Frankenstein takes the story 200 years later, as the monster becomes a kind of savior for humanity, in this reprise of the classic character. The modern monster fights demons and helps gargoyles save our souls.

I, Frankenstein saves the world premise is a bit high-minded for a film about a monster. However underneath all the martial arts fighting, scary makeup, and special effects comes a morality tale. Although Dr.Frankenstein created a grotesque monster when he created his son, underneath the monster lies a soul hungry for love, humanity and the fellowship of women and spirits.

What follows is a disjointed story that engages, repulses, intrigues, but mostly makes the viewer laugh out loud at its earnestness. The story makes you laugh, but not always in a good way. According to The Wrap: “If anyone deserves a shout-out for inspiration, it’s the makers of the “Underworld” series, since this movie slavishly follows that franchise’s formula of supernatural warfare and CG overdose, all post-processed into an ugly monochromatic blue-steel sheen.”

Adds The Wrap: “Instead of vampires and werewolves going at it, this forgettable adventure offers up an eternal war between archangels (known here as “gargoyles,” since that’s how they hide themselves on Earth) and demons.”
Variety ads about this film: “In fact, it isn’t until approximately 92 minutes into the film’s 93-minute running time that it even cracks its first joke, when the end credits offer “special thanks” to Mary Shelley.”

An underworld monster

Adds the review in Variety: “Utterly witless, listless, sparkles and senseless, this supernatural actioner makes one long for the comparative sophistication of the conceptually identical Underworld franchise (with which it shares producers and a writer). It should struggle to show many signs of life at the box office.” Adds Variety: “Before we’ve even had a chance to get a clear look at our protagonist’s sutured face, we’re knee-deep in an elaborate mythological backstory delivered with dialogue that would seem drab even in a videogame cutscene.”

“But what’s most frustrating is that the film never attempts to explore, exploit, or elaborate on Adam’s origins in the Frankenstein story, to the extent that it’s easy to occasionally forget the film’s entire premise while watching it,” "adds Variety.

A sexy monster

Adds Hollywood Reporter: “Mary Shelley’s durable literary creation has survived through hundreds of years and endless screen incarnations, and there’s no doubt he’ll survive I, Frankenstein as well. Making the creature the pawn in an epic battle between vampires and werewolves — excuse me, demons and gargoyles -- this latest effort, from the creators of the Underworld series, is mainly notable for the fact that its titular character, as played by Aaron Eckhart, is really, really ripped.” Aaron Eckhart is a hot-looking monster that is far easier on the eyes than any other Frankenstein before him. “If People magazine had existed in the 19th century, he surely would have been feted as the sexiest undead man alive,” adds the review.

Showtimes for Staten Island

I Frankenstein is now playing in 3D at Atrium Stadium Cinemas at 680 Arthur Kill Road,
‎1:05‎ p.m.‎, 5:05‎ p.m., ‎9:05‎ p.m., and ‎11:05 p.m‎. It is also playing at UA Hylan Plaza 5
At 107 Mill Road at 2:40‎ p.m., ‎7:40 p.m‎. and UA All Staten Island Stadium 16 Theatre
At 2474 Forest Avenue at 2:15‎ p.m., ‎7:15 p.m‎., and ‎12:10 a.m‎. I Frankenstein 2D is being shown at Atrium Stadium Cinemas at 3:05‎ p.m. and ‎7:05 p.m‎. It is also being shown at UA Hylan Plaza 5‎ at 5:10 p.m. and 10:10 p.m. and UAAll Staten Island Stadium 16 Theatre at ‎4:45‎ p.m. and ‎9:45 p.m‎.

Staten Island theatre-goers this is one forgettable Frankenstein. For a better version of the familiar tale watch Kenneth Branagh’s version “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for a faithful adaptation of the classic tale. This film will appeal to fans of Twilght and Underworld. If you suspend belief there are some interesting special effects and martial arts scenes. However if you are looking for a better Frankenstein, view the myriad of films already bearing the monsters’ name. Two out of five possible scars or stars!