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An Oscar winner that shows an eye for 'The Great Beauty'

The Great Beauty


An ode to the Italian new wave cinema of Fellini, and who better to do it than Director Paolo Sorrentino ("Il Divo","This Must Be the Place") and Actor Toni Servillo ("Gomorrah", "Girl by the Lake"). Two of only a handful of Italian Filmmakers doing anything of note right now.

Winner of the Best Foreign Language Picture

Jep, played with casual flair by Servillo, was once a famed author. Now older (although, still famous), he clings to that celebrity lifestyle of partying every night and forgets to see the wonder and the culture in the daylight that surrounds him.

A wildly metaphorical movie that has wit and charm to spare. With stunning camerawork (dollie shots galore) this Oscar winner for Best Foreign Picture of 2013 shows that it has an eye for "The Great Beauty".

Available locally in theaters, it is set to premiere on DVD next month. For those that can stream, it is also available to rent right now on M-Go for the low price of $4.99.