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An Ideal Husband

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Playwright Scott Munson’s adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s Ideal Husband depicts two families, the Chilterns and the Gorings, and their seriously flippant lifestyles. Munson preserves many of the wildean jokes designed to defuse the dead-seriousness of family and career.

The Chilterns and the Gorings are wealthy and powerful and devoted to staying that way while entertaining each other. All is funny until the wicked Mrs. Cheveley enters with her all-too-serious subplot.

Teddy Spencer plays the witty Thomas Goring with agility devoted to his bachelordom. Craig Souza plays the compromised ideal husband and Daria Hepps his ideal wife. Myers Clark steals the show as the three butlers Franklin, Delano and Roosevelt. Cynthia Lagodzinski plays the dangerously beautiful Mrs. Cheveley. Brooke Silva plays Tammy Chiltern looking for her own ideal husband. Celia Maurice, Beebe Reisman, and Alicia van Kugelgen keep the party going as Mrs. Markby, Mrs. Basildon, and Mrs. Marchmont. Kendall Tieck plays Governor Goring, the gruff match-making father of Thomas and Tina Rutsch plays Freddy Sanjac the seducer.

An Ideal Husband plays at the Douglas Morrison Theatre 22311 N. Third Street, Hayward, CA until March 2, 2014.