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An extended battery for people on the go

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Flash Magicstick 3000 mAh


Chances are that your Smart Phone has run out of juice. Countless times. This phenomenon likely has something to do with the fact that you often use the phone for everything but making phone calls, and deplete the battery in the meantime.

Many battery chargers offer emergency back-up. These devices might give your phone enough battery life to make a critical phone call, or take a few pictures.

But some chargers completely replenish your gadget's battery life. One such product is the Flash Magicstick 3000mAh from Powerocks ($49.99, plus tax; shipping is free from the developer), which offers up to two full charges for most smartphones.

The Flash Magicstick is a great option for folks who travel frequently or spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s especially helpful for camping or hiking trips, as it offers a multifunction LED flashlight (e.g., strong and steady light, blinking light).

The Flash Magicstick, available in five colors, is compatible with a variety of devices, including: iPhone, MP3 Player; E-Reader; GPS; Mobile Phone; SmartPhone; and Portable Gaming gadgets.

I discovered the gadget at the latest Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and it has come in handy on a number of occasions. It’s lightweight and portable, and because it’s one more thing in my clown car of a purse, it justifies taking up even more space by being multi-functional (i.e., serving as a charger and a flashlight).